Concert Friends are the most important ambassadors of the Concertgebouw and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. With a total of 20,000 members, Concert Friends is the largest membership organisation for the concert-going public in the Netherlands. The three member subgroups – Entrée (for individuals under thirty), Next (under forty) and Friends (open to all ages) – form an unbroken line of membership for concert goers of all ages, ranging from 0 to 100+. The various memberships offer a number of privileges, including discounts on many RCO concerts and other concerts given at the Concertgebouw, on CDs and the programme magazine Preludium, in addition to offering exclusive access to RCO rehearsals

ENTRÉE: Your entry to classical music

You’re young, you love music, and you want more… You want to hear more live music, know more about the musicians and composers you enjoy, and – most of all – experience more. Well, look no further than the Concertgebouw and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra! Whether you like classical, jazz or world music, you can always count on exciting, surprising concerts that reflect your personal tastes. Choose from a special selection of over 200 concerts. Tickets always cost €10 (for your guest as well), and the price of the ticket includes drinks. Entrée also organises special parties and concerts, as well as projects in which members can take part, such as the Large Entrée Orchestra and Rentrée. In short, Entrée is the perfect musical start to your night out or a nice break after a long day of studying or working.


Choosing Next is all about choosing a heightened experience and quality, but it’s also about enjoying an exclusive evening out with your friends and acquaintances. You want to enjoy and make the most of the free time you have, and make informed choices despite having a full diary. That’s why Next offers members a unique musical experience in a very special setting. Why not experience it all up close? Get a close-up view of the conductor, watch the musicians in action and enjoy music at special locations.

As a member of Next, you also play an important role as a promoter of music, since Next contributions are put towards such things as purchasing new instruments and renovating and maintaining the hall. That’s why, as a member of Next, you’ll be investing in the future of the most beautiful concert hall and the best orchestra in the world!


Are you looking to deepen your relationship with music further? Why not become a Friend or a Generous Friend of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra? It’s the perfect choice if your focus is quality and diversity, tradition and innovation, and if you enjoy a selection of concerts that reflects those priorities. As a Friend, you will enjoy all the special qualities of the Concertgebouw and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, and will also be helping to ensure the future of these leading cultural institutions.

As a Friend, you know where your interests lie, your focus being on quality, diversity and exclusivity. Those elements are consistently reflected in the highly varied selection of concerts. Friends also have a special connection with the Concertgebouw and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. Whether you enjoy older or more contemporary music, with your support, the Concertgebouw and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra will be able to continue to offer quality to audience members like yourself, which means you can continue to enjoy a rich selection of music. As a Friend, you have an important say. After all, it’s thanks to your contribution that we can invest in the hall, the instruments and top talent, thereby ensuring a complete musical experience for the future. Your support is always both audible and visible. It’s by becoming a Friend that you can share your love of music with many others, in addition to passing it on to future generations.