Academy of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra


The Academy of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra offers talented young musicians the opportunity to gain experience as an orchestral musician in one of the world's leading symphony orchestras.

The Academy is sponsored by donors of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.

Get to know the academists of this season:


Next concerts

Four academistst will leave for the Dutch island Schiemonnikoog. Together with a soloist of the Music Chapel Queen Elisabeth they will perform at the Festival Young Talent on March 15,  20.30h. Information and tickets

The Kleine Zaal of the Concertgebouw is also waiting. Three academists will follow a public   masterclass with star violinist Leonidas Kavakos on maart 31 at 19.30h. You can attend this event.

During her Academy year violist Alice Weber won an audition. Next season she will be part of the Symphonic Orchestra of the Bavarian Radio. Congratulations!


The deadline for the auditionsfor the year 2015-2016 has passed. It is no longer possible to apply. The upcoming auditions will be announced here.




Cellist Laure le Dantec and double bassist Marco Behtash rehearse for a performance in the Kleine Zaal of the Concertgebouw, januari 6, 2015.


During the academy course the academists play up to twelve programmes with the orchestra, conducted by world renowned conductors and under the guidance of mentors from the orchestra. The academists play chamber music with members of the orchestra and students of the Music Chapel Queen Elisabeth. Furthermore, the academists receive 

  • private lessons from the concert masters, principals and other members of the orchestra
  • a masterclass by the artist-in-residence of the orchestra
  • audition training
  • mental training
  • Alexander technique

During the academic year (September to June) the academists receive a monthly allowance. The academists reside in Amsterdam. Academy students, who have completed the course successfully, are given priority at Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra auditions for a three-year period.

In the orchestra

Since the foundation of the Academy in 2003, six former academists have won an audition with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. Flautist Julie Moulin won her audition whilst being an academist, violinists Sanne Hunfeld and Joanna Westers, violist Martina Forni and cellists Maartje-Maria den Herder and Honorine Schaeffer won theirs after they completed the Academy course. Many former academist now play in various orchestras in the Netherlands and Europe and substitute regularly with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.

Marc Aixa

It is a dream to play twelve programmes with this orchestra, a once in a lifetime experience

Martina Forni
Academist 2007/ 08 , now violist in the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

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