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The best way to miss a concert!

Six hours full HD content

Using the very latest streaming technologies, the app provides a total of over six hours’ worth of full HD video content. Users can activate these layers themselves using a unique timeline feature, which allows them to be played back fully synchronised with the concert recording. This intuitive concert experience is further enhanced by 360° video recordings, which let the user take a virtual seat amongst the musicians onstage. The production is optimised for use with Apple TV, using the iPad as a second screen, offering users a truly unique concert experience in the comfort of their own home.

The app is built around the full HD live recording of the Queen’s Day Eve Concert given on 29 April. The recording has been enriched with additional exclusive data layers and features interviews with musicians, a look back on the event with Fink and excerpts from the dress rehearsal.

The app can be purchased from the Apple App Store for €5.99 and is the very first product released by RCO Universe, the orchestra’s new digital platform.

The app gives our fans, and music lovers in general, revolutionary new capabilities.
We provide users with an exceptional concert experience in a home setting.