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Score Follower

Follow along in the score in real time

The specially developed viewer synchronises the score with the recording as you watch. While listening to Brahms’s or Beethoven’s Third Symphony, for example, you can simultaneously view the score bar by bar.

Expert Commentary

Sit back and enjoy the music as the conductor and other music experts lead the way.

The conductor leads both you and the orchestra in interpretations of works by Beethoven, Brahms and other great masters. Get swept up in exclusive video commentary by the conductor and other music experts as you watch and listen to the performance.

Airplay & Apple Tv Dual Screen Integration

View and listen to concerts and add-ons on multiple screens simultaneously.

Using Apple’s Airplay feature, you can stream concerts to your television while following along in the score or listening to video commentary by the conductor on your iPad at the same time.

Shostakovich's Tenth Symphony Play

Shostakovich's Tenth Symphony

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Shostakovich's Tenth Symphony

The Tenth Symphony marked a turning point in Shostakovich's work: in it he settled his accounts with Stalin, his greatest enemy. Stalin's death meant greater freedom and happiness for Shostakovich, although he also saw the consequences of Stalin's decades of terror all too clearly.


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