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The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra is proud to present RCO Editions. This unique video magazine for your iPad and iPhone will have new releases six times a year. It’s packed with recordings of stirring concerts, expert commentary, inspiring articles and video clips. You can download the app for free for instant access into the world of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. From the comfort of your own home.

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Downloading the app is free, along with the first edition: Mozart, on the road and the special edition about Bach's St. Matthew Passion. A  subscription costs € 6,99 per month or  €74,99 € for a whole year. The first month is a free trial period!

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Free edition: Matthäus-Passion

Bach's St. Matthew Passion ranks as a unique feature in the history of the Concertgebouw Orchestra. For over a century the orchestra will perform the Passion in the days before Easter, always keen to apply new ideas about the miraculous essence of the piece - from Willem Mengelberg to Nikolaus Harnoncourt, from Riccardo Chailly to Iván Fischer.

This edition is available free for you to download.

Edition 5: ‘Beethoven & the Revolution’

Mild-mannered? No. Dynamic? Absolutely. Ludwig van Beethoven wrote his revolutionary Symphony No. 3 at the dawn of the nineteenth century, as he wrestled with his encroaching deafness, quarrelled with various people, and admired Napoleon. Beethoven even wanted to dedicate his new piece of music to Napoleon, but when he crowned himself emperor, Beethoven renounced the idea. He renamed his Third Symphony ‘Eroica’.

Edition 4: The Wandering Ghost

Serge Rachmaninoff passionately loved his native Russia. But after 1917, he could no longer return home, as the Bolsheviks had seized power. Rachmaninoff became world-famous as a composer, strongly influenced by nineteenth-century Romanticism (e.g. Tchaikovsky and Rimsky-Korsakov). He also garnered wide acclaim and renown as a pianist. But his soul, as he himself felt, continued ‘to wander the world forever’.

Edition 3: Love and Scandal. The year 1913

Travel back in time to early twentieth-century Vienna, where Arnold Schoenberg caused a scandal on 31 March 1913 with music which proved to be far too experimental for Viennese concert-goers. The incident even resulted in a lawsuit! The beautiful Alma Mahler-Werfel also created scandals, serving as muse to many artists and known for her controversial marriages and affairs. Listen to, read about and experience Alban Berg’s Altenberg Lieder, Zemlinsky’s Maeterlinck Lieder and other works by Mahler, Zemlinsky and Webern.

Edition 2: Into the light

The second edition, Into the light, is about ‘Tod und Verklärung”: the vision that Richard Strauss had of death and what follows. It might seem like a gloomy theme, but on the contrary: in the music of Strauss, death is an uplifting and hopeful theme - an ascent into the light. Experience the concert from the perspective of the orchestra players, read essays by Anna Picard & Désanne van Brederode, and for €4.49 let yourself be drawn into the world of Richard Strauss.

Edition 1: Mozart, on the road

“People who do not travel ... are but poor creatures.” These are the words of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791), who spent a third of his own short life on the road. This edition is about Mozart’s constant travels which inspired two great symphonies: one he wrote in Paris, and the other he wrote in Prague. Let his ‘Paris’ and ‘Prague’ symphonies sweep you away, including commentary from John Eliot Gardiner and Giovanni Antonini, and don’t miss out on the highlights of Le Nozze di Figaro and Don Giovanni, sung by Ferruccio Furlanetto. This edition is available free for you to download.