Dutch Masters

The Dutch Masters Foundation, a society of friends of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra based in the UK, was established in December 2010. The society is a fund-raising organisation which is unique both in the Netherlands and throughout the world.

Joining forces

The driving force behind Dutch Masters is a special partnership between the Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT), the Mauritshuis and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. These three pillars of Dutch cultural heritage all benefit equally from the funds raised by the Dutch Masters organisation. ‘We were in talks with the Dutch ambassador to the UK, Pim Waldeck,’ says Director of the RCO’s Stichting Donateurs Wouter Steijn. ‘He indicated that joining forces might very well be a positive initiative. Back in the Netherlands, it turned out that the Mauritshuis and NDT were already discussing a partnership, and we were invited to join them. The result is a powerful UK-based society of friends with a wonderful joint cultural offering.’ 

For more information, log on to www.dutchmasters.org.uk.