The consultancy firm Accenture has been a partner of the Concertgebouworkest since 2015. Accenture uses innovation to change how the world works and lives. Core values such as inclusivity and diversity form the basis of Accenture’s culture, so supporting cultural heritage is a logical next step. By constantly innovating and reinventing themselves, Accenture and the Concertgebouworkest are connected through their intrinsic characters. Both Accenture and the Concertgebouworkest promote innovation, inclusivity and diversity in this ever-changing society.

About Accenture

logo accentureAccenture responds to its clients’ biggest challenges by delivering unique end-to-end services in strategy, consultancy, digital, technology and operations. It partners with over three-quarters of all Fortune Global 500 organisations, using innovation to change how the world works and lives. With expertise in more than forty industries and business functions, Accenture delivers unique results for change in today’s challenging new digital world. In short, Accenture applies innovation and intelligence at the heart of companies in every industry, every day.

Accenture employs an innovation-focused approach to help its clients envision and shape their future. Accenture’s innovation architecture allows it to pool its strengths to create, develop and deliver disruptive innovations.

‘Accenture operates in the same global, changing world as the Concertgebouworkest. Accenture’s support and expertise provide the orchestra with greater opportunities to engage in new ways with new audiences worldwide through classical music of the highest calibre.’
- David Bazen, Managing Director a.i. of the Concertgebouworkest