Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam

Bach: Matthäus-Passion

with commentary by Jan Willem de Vriend

Played works

Johann Sebastian Bach Matthäus-Passion, BWV 244

Peter Harvey bas

María Espada sopraan

National Children's Choir koor

Renate Arends sopraan

Ingeborg Danz mezzosopraan

Barbara Kozelj mezzosopraan

Henk Neven bas

Peter Gijsbertsen tenor

Gijs Leenaars koordirigent


Iván Fischer is the founder and artistic director of the Budapest Festival Orchestra. The partnership between this orchestra and its conductor is certainly one of the great success stories in classical music during the last twenty-five years. Fischer's way of working, which is as unusual as it is committed, and the musicians' enthusiasm and virtuosity always result in very special performances.

Intensive touring and a series of acclaimed CD recordings have contributed to Fischer's reputation as one of the most visionary and successful conductors in the world. He has been a welcome guest with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra since 1987.