Beethoven: Symphony No. 1

with Iván Fischer's commentary


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The Concertgebouworkest conducted by Iván Fischer performs Ludwig van Beethoven’s traditional Symphony No. 1. You can watch the performance with or without Iván Fischer’s commentary.

Beethoven’s Symphony No. 1

Ludwig van Beethoven composed his Symphony No. 1 to demonstrate his talent as a composer to the general public. Beethoven wished not simply to inherit from his predecessors Haydn and Mozart, but to surpass them. Nonetheless, in his First Symphony Beethoven still stays within the bounds of the traditional symphony, as if he did not want to shock his audience. A contemporary wrote, “If we see only one claw of the lion, then that is because the lion found that it was more sensible not to attack yet.”

Iván Fischer, conductor

Iván Fischer has been a welcome guest conductor with the Concertgebouworkest since 1987. Fischer’s way of working, which is as unusual as it is committed, and the musicians’ enthusiasm and virtuosity always result in very special performances. You can watch the performance of Beethoven’s First Symphony with or without Iván Fischer’s commentary. The conductor’s fascinating explanation takes you straight to Beethoven’s time.

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