Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam

2 February 2017


Gimeno conducts Bernstein

East Side, West Side

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February 2017 Thursday 21:15
Concertgebouw, Amsterdam
The Netherlands
past concert
- introduction without orchestra (starts 20.15)
Richard Rijnvos Amérique du Nord
Leonard Bernstein Symfonie nr. 1, 'Jeremiah'
Leonard Bernstein Symfonische dansen uit 'West Side Story'

Combining art and popular culture is typically American. No twentieth-century composer did so as convincingly as Leonard Bernstein did. Indeed, he composed symphonies and choral works with the same flair with which he wrote songs and musicals. He often manages to seamlessly interweave classical, modern and swing influences in a single work.

Those familiar only with his swinging musical West Side Story may well be surprised by the ‘Jeremiah’ Symphony, in which Bernstein shows his serious, sensitive side. This is music of mourning, compassion and hope, and a sign of engagement with the war drama that was taking place in Europe at the time.

Conductor Gustavo Gimeno will be taking a closer look at the many different facets of Leonard Bernstein. Composer Richard Rijnvos has written a new work commissioned by the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Amérique du Nord. This work is part of the cycle Grand Atlas, représentation du monde universel en sept tableaux musicaux.

In cooporation with The John Adams Institute 

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Peripheral programming concert 2 February

Those attending this concert will receive the programme booklet free of charge at the door. Additional background information can be found in Preludium (Dutch), the programme magazine of the Concertgebouw and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.



before the concert

Main Hall, 8.15 p.m.

Prior to the concert, Arnon Grunberg will be giving a lecture on the East Side West Side theme.

Admission to the curtain-raiser is free with your concert ticket.

Late Night Café

after the concert

Concertgebouw, 10.30 p.m.

After this concert, the Entrée youth association is organising the Late Night Café.

Admission to the Late Night Café is free.

House composer Richard Rijnvos

On the occassion of the world première of his composition Antartique in 2012, composer Richard Rijnvos explained to us why he likes to combine multiple works into a bigger cycle. Amérique du Nord and Antartique are part of the cycle Grand Atlas, représentation du monde universel en sept tableaux musicaux. Both works have been commissioned by the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.