17 December 2021


Richard Strauss’s breathtaking mountain hike conducted by Fabio Luisi

Eine Alpensinfonie

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December 2021 Friday 21:00
Het Concertgebouw, Amsterdam
The Netherlands
The ticket sale of this concert has stopped.
Richard Strauss Alpine symphony

This concert is only available to members of Entrée, the youth association of Het Concertgebouw and the Concertgebouw Orchestra. In collaboration with the Concertgebouw Orchestra, the Grote Zaal will be completely filled with young people under the age of 35 for the first time. In addition to the concert itself, your ticket also gives access to the afterparty and extra programming around the concert.

Under the direction of the leading conductor Fabio Luisi, the Concertgebouworkest is performing an essential masterpiece, Richard Strauss’s Eine Alpensinfonie.

Strauss’s musical inventiveness knows no limits.

Richard Strauss could use the orchestra to depict absolutely anything. In fact, he believed he could turn a glass of beer into music so precisely that anyone could correctly identify the brand. A memory of a mountain hike he made as a child served as the inspiration for Eine Alpensinfonie.

This trek through the Alps as portrayed by the music begins at dawn. As the sun rises, we toil upwards. We enter a forest, walk along a stream and come across a waterfall. Flowery meadows, a glacier, moments of danger, mist, the view from the mountaintop, and a thunderstorm all follow… Strauss’s musical inventiveness in depicting all these events knows no limits. Even for those not familiar with the programme, this is breathtaking orchestral music.

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