25 October 2020

Children's concert (6+)

Het Concertgebouw - Main Hall

Igor and the Nightingale

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This concert will be broadcasted on 1 November, 11.00 a.m. (Central European Time) through our website and our YouTube channel. This way, you can still attend the concert virtually one week later.
October 2020 Sunday 15:30
Het Concertgebouw, Amsterdam
The Netherlands
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Musicians of the Concertgebouworkest are performing a particularly colourful children’s concert in the Main Hall of the Concertgebouw. The story about Igor and his nightingale with its enchanting voice is accompanied by enjoyable music by Stravinsky and Loevendie.

Igor’s nightingale

No one sings better than Igor’s nightingale. Right? Actually, a fake mechanical nightingale does and can even sing a lot longer! But what happens if it breaks down…? The fairy tale about a Chinese nightingale served as the inspiration for this special children’s concert given by musicians of the Concertgebouworkest. All this with music by Igor Stravinsky and the Dutch composer Theo Loevendie, who has provided the story of the nightingale with beautiful music. The text and production are by Kiki Jaski. Actor Rop Verheijen will perform as a narrator.

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