19 October 2017


Eötvös | Ligeti | Vivier


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October 2017 Thursday 20:15
Het Concertgebouw, Amsterdam
The Netherlands
past concert
György Ligeti Atmosphères
Claude Vivier Orion
Peter Eötvös Multiversum – for organ, Hammond organ and orchestra (commission)

In the innovative Horizon series, conductor–composer Peter Eötvös is conducting a cosmic programme based on the Multiverse theme. The programme, which lasts just over an hour, features orchestral music which pushes the boundaries, graphics by Jaap Drupsteen and a presentation by Vincent Icke – the perfect opportunity for the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra to team up with the University of Amsterdam to explore the ties between music and the laws of the universe. After the concert, you can soar even higher at the Entrée Late Night, which brings all Horizon concerts to a close.

Peter Eötvös leads the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in the premiere of his very own Multiversum. Parallel universes, string theory and gravitational waves can all be heard in the polyphony of his new composition for organ, Hammond organ and orchestra. Eötvös’s compatriot György Ligeti’s iridescent clouds of sound are composed of countless notes (or particles). The Canadian composer Claude Vivier was obsessed with the infinity of the universe. In Orion, he draws inspiration from the apparent immovability of history: intense waves continue to produce the same type of dictators and events for us. And civilisation does not advance an inch.

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Start time

start time is 20:15

The start time of the Horizon concerts has changed to 20:15. There is no separate curtain-raiser anymore. The curtain-raiser is now integrated into the evening's programme.

Late Night Café

after the concert

Concertgebouw, 10.30 p.m.

After this concert, the Entrée youth association is organising the Late Night Café.

Admission to the Late Night Café is free.