18, 19, 20 April 2018

Jakub Hrůša, conductor


Prokofiev’s War and Peace

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April 2018 Wednesday 20:15
Concertgebouw, Amsterdam
The Netherlands
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April 2018 Thursday 20:15
Concertgebouw, Amsterdam
The Netherlands
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April 2018 Friday 19:00
De Oosterpoort, Groningen
The Netherlands
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Zoltan Kodály Suite Háry János
Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Concerto no. 3
Sergej Prokofjev War and Peace: symphonic suite

The Czech conductor Jakub Hrůša specialises in Central European music, and is exploring its furthest borders as part of the War and Peace concert series. Sergey Prokofiev wrote his opera War and Peace in 1942, based on Tolstoy’s novel. Prokofiev submitted willingly to the will of the Soviets: the work had, above all, to be triumphant and patriotic. But those traits most typical of Prokofiev’s style, such as the motoric rhythms and bittersweet melodies, survived. The suite performed here largely consists of music from the ball scene in the opera and is reminiscent of ballet music.

On the western front, we meet Ludwig van Beethoven, who also wrote his Third Piano Concerto in wartime. The spirited work cautiously heralds the beginning of Romanticism.

Kodály based his opera Háry János, from which the orchestra is performing the popular suite, on a Hungarian folk tale about a veteran Hussar. After serving in the Austro-Hungarian army at the beginning of the nineteenth century, he boasts at the village inn of his heroic deeds fighting against Napoleon.

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18 and 19 April

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