14 October 2017

Liszt Side by Side

Eötvös premiere

RCO meets Budapest

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October 2017 Saturday 19:30
Müpa, Budapest
past concert
Franz Liszt Von der Wiege bis zum Grabe
Béla Bartók Dance suite
Igor Stravinsky Symphony in three movements
Peter Eötvös Multiversum – for organ, Hammond organ and orchestra (commission)

The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra is continuing its tour of all twenty-eight EU member states in Hungary: RCO meets Budapest. The orchestra is performing Liszt’s symphonic poem Von der Wiege bis zum Grabe Side by Side with the young musicians of the Zuglói Filharmónia. They are sharing music stands with members of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.

The Hungarian composer–conductor Peter Eötvös is leading the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in his brand-new Multiversum. Eötvös feels there is a strong bond between music and the cosmos. Parallel universes, string theory and gravitational waves can all be heard in the polyphony of his new work for organ, Hammond organ and orchestra.

Eötvös is also conducting two works by twentieth-century masters. Béla Bartók’s Dance Suite commemorated the fiftieth anniversary of the union of Buda and Pest into one city. It is a festive amalgam of invented dances and folk melodies. Igor Stravinsky called his Symphony in Three Movements his ‘War Symphony’; it reflects the grim mood in Europe during the Second World War, even though the composer himself had already been living in Los Angeles for several years.

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