24 November 2018

Beethoven Side by Side

Philippe Herreweghe, conductor

RCO meets Zagreb

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November 2018 Saturday 19:00
Lisinski Concert Hall, Zagreb
past concert
Ludwig van Beethoven Overture 'Egmont'
Ludwig van Beethoven Violin Concerto
Robert Schumann Symphony No. 2

The Concertgebouworkest is continuing its tour of all twenty-eight EU member states. In Croatia, the orchestra is performing Beethoven's Egmont Overture Side by Side with the young musicians of the Zagreb Academy of Music Symphony Orchestra.

Philippe Herreweghe and the orchestra will then be following up with Anton Webern's orchestral transcription of Schubert's Sechs Deutsche Tänze, which respectfully and masterfully summarises Schubert's original notes in two short movements.

Beethoven shows off his most lyrical side in the Violin Concerto, a work known among violinists as one which cannot simply be 'learned'. It has to grow inside you. It contains melodies that can extend over an entire movement. Isabelle Faust certainly has the required experience and vision.

In the eyes of his contemporaries, Robert Schumann was first and foremost a composer of lieder and piano music. Yet his wife Clara knew better. His compositions were often conceived from an orchestral perspective. Once he had explored the orchestral genre, he hardly knew how to rein in his manic talent. Schumann composed his Symphony No. 2 after suffering a severe psychological breakdown, and the work is characterised by intensely dramatic overtones.

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