17 April 2020

Concert cancelled

Stravinsky and Bartók

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In connection with the corona virus outbreak, the authorities announced a ban on events. For this reason, the concerts until June 1st unfortunately are cancelled.
April 2020 Friday 20:15
Het Concertgebouw, Amsterdam
The Netherlands
past concert
Detlev Glanert Idyllium (commission)
Georges Lentz Monh (Viola Concerto)
Igor Stravinsky Suite from 'Pulcinella'
Béla Bartók Suite from 'The wooden prince'

Gustavo Gimeno is leading the Concertgebouworkest in ballet music by Stravinsky and Bartók and a world premiere by Detlev Glanert. Artist in residence Tabea Zimmermann is performing as soloist in Georges Lentz’s serene Monh.

Stravinsky, Bartók, Glanert

Gustavo Gimeno opens the concert with a commissioned work by the German composer Detlev Glanert, with whom the Concertgebouworkest has often collaborated. Two high points in twentieth-century ballet music follow. In 1920, Stravinsky caused a stir with his ballet Pulcinella, one of the first works in which he traded in expressiveness and modernism for a nimble style harking back to the eighteenth century – in this case, to the dancing, graceful music of Pergolesi. Bartók based his ballet pantomime The Wooden Prince on a fairy tale by Béla Balász. The work is rarely performed because of the massive ensemble it requires, but the suites from the work give all the sections of the orchestra a chance to shine.

Artist in residence

Violist Tabea Zimmermann is serving as the Concertgebouworkest’s artist in residence in the 2019–20 season. Georges Lentz composed for her his work Monh, scored for viola, electronics and orchestra. In Monh, Lentz, originally from Luxembourg and now a resident of Australia, translates his love of the landscapes of Australia into music which is both serene and apocalyptic. Monh (an Aboriginal word meaning stars) also makes reference to the star-studded skies of the Australian outback, the influence of which the composer identifies in the dot technique often used in Aboriginal art.

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