Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam

18 October 2018


Shostakovitch, Weill and Al-Zand

The seven deadly sins

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October 2018 Thursday 20:15
Concertgebouw, Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Horizon Series

As part of its innovative Horizon Series, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra is presenting The Seven Deadly Sins, a programme featuring music and social satire.

Die sieben Todsünden

Die sieben Todsünden by Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht, with whom he frequently collaborated, is a 'ballet chanté' (sung ballet) for five solo singers, one solo dancer, ballet corps and orchestra. In this concert - without dancers - two Annas drag themselves from city to city to earn enough to build a little house. Anna I, sung by Wende Snijders, is the voice of conscience who tries to keep the impulsive Anna II on the straight and narrow. Thus, they pass through seven major US cities, where the 'seven deadly sins of the bourgeoisie' are rampant.

Shostakovich's first opera The Nose

Weill's satirical narrative of civil bourgeois morality is preceded here by two other works commenting on morality. In Dmitry Shostakovich's first opera The Nose, a nose decides to lead its own life. The allegory is a reference to the Communist theory of a society in which every individual plays his or her own specific role. The Canadian-American composer Karim Al-Zand based his elegy Lamentation on the Disasters of War on the grimly realistic etchings Francisco de Goya made after witnessing the bloody war of independence following Napoleon's invasion of Spain in 1808.

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