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Concerts cancelled until 5 November

14 October 2020

Yesterday the Dutch government announced stricter measures as a result of an increase in coronavirus cases in the country. No more than 30 people may now gather indoors.

The exemption recently granted to the Concertgebouw to admit a maximum of 250 visitors will lapse with the introduction of these stricter measures. Much to our regret, we have thus decided to cancel all concerts up to and including 5 November. Ticket holders have been informed by email. As for the situation after that date, we will be awaiting further information from the government.

Time and time again, the coronavirus measures have had an enormous impact on the Concertgebouworkest. We can well imagine that you as a listener are also very disappointed. It is precisely in times like these that music can be a source of comfort and support. That is why we also look forward to informing you in the coming period about the ways in which you can continue to listen to our music. And we hope to be able to perform for you again in person very soon.