De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek


logo De Brauw Blackstone WestbroekMaintaining an international profile, performing at the highest level and working as part of a team with the very best in the field: these are some of the similarities between the Concertgebouworkest and De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek. It’s a natural partnership – one which was formalised in 2007. According to Managing Partner Marnix Leijten, the two organisations have positioned themselves in the world in much the same way: ‘Their home base may be Amsterdam, but they perform all over the world.’

De Brauw’s role as a trusted adviser is rooted in the firm’s history. With offices all over the world, De Brauw advises corporate players on the most complex of business affairs and assists clients in international transactions, litigation and enforcement issues. Its partnership with the Concertgebouworkest provides opportunities for the firm’s representatives to catch up with clients in a beautiful, inspiring setting.

‘We can all meet clients in conference rooms, but when we do, the conversation often moves quickly to business. Sometimes a more personal approach is better – sharing a meal, listening to music and then exchanging experiences and emotions. It’s a natural way to connect.’ Accompanied by a number of their American associates, representatives from De Brauw recently attended the concerts given by the Concertgebouworkest on its tour of the US at the beginning of 2019.

‘But the partnership gives us so much more: there’s a connection between employees and musicians to inspire and support one another. After all, they face the same day-to-day dynamics and challenges of performing at the highest level.’

The Concertgebouworkest Ambassadors are responsible for promoting the Concertgebouworkest at De Brauw. In addition to their normal duties, this group of enthusiastic co-workers focuses on developing new initiatives to bring the partnership to life. One of the initiatives both De Brauw and the orchestra are very proud of is the Concertgebouworkest listening post. An installation in the reception area of the De Brauw conference centre is fitted out with three iPads pointing to the Concertgebouworkest website and connected to Sennheiser headphones, allowing visitors to attend a concert online before their appointment.