Tomas Proškus, Lithuania

Born 5 December 1993

Tomas Proškus calls himself ‘a long-lost soul drowning in an ocean of self-cognition and persistently seeking to read, learn and feel’. As a full-time corporate lawyer who recently earned a master’s degree in law, he is taking ‘small steps forward, trying to build a career’.


Imagine yourself walking – without destination, just going forward and not looking back.

Now stop. Close your eyes for a second and feel that light summer breeze softly touching your face. Run your hand through your hair letting that summer warmth know you even more personal. Let that magnificent feeling hug you and become a tiny little piece of your soul's weight.

Now open your eyes, blink a couple of times and close your eyes again. This time the story is quite different. Let yourself alone standing in the middle of the street looking up and persistently catching every raindrop. Imagine that cold waterdrop landing on your forehead and slowly running down your cheeks, then your neck, leaving cold but really familiar ice-blue scotch.

Now let’s get back to reality. For now, enough imagination. Let yourself remember. Remember that first girl or guy who meant something to you. Have you noticed how that bright-red colored feeling makes your heart beat faster? Have you noticed how your body submerged into deep ocean of long-lost feelings which are not so lost? Have you noticed how your mind became really constrained but so free at the same time? Have you noticed how your legs aren’t capable of holding the weight of yours? It is quite astonishing what your mind can do to your body, isn’t it..?

And all of these feelings are just the tip of the iceberg. These feelings ere something that makes our soul live freely, despite the state of our minds, despite the wishes of our brains. Our soul’s desires are what makes us who we are. And that is what music means to me. It makes me feel like I am standing on the edge of tomorrow on the step between the future and the past letting all the feelings that I know of into myself at the same time and reliving them all at once. Music puts your pieces back together when the “puzzle” is split. Music lifts you up when you are down. Music is love, and love runs each of our own worlds. And music runs through me, touching every corner of my soul, making my life brighter when the lights go down.