Music connects us!

Eleni Kappa

Born 21 October 1991

Born in Cyprus in 1991, Eleni Kappa began her musical studies at a young age, at the Hellenic College of Music in Nicosia, studying with Ioanna Pettemeridou and Akis Pavlou. She began studying the flute at the age of fifteen as a scholarship student in Virginie Bove’s studio. Three years later, she moved to France to attend the CRR de Paris, where she studied with Claude Lefebvre and Michel Moraguès and later attended classes with Philippe Pierlot and Céline Nessi. Holder of a bachelor’s degree in flute performance from the École Supérieure Musique et Danse Nord de France in Lille, where she studied with Chrystel Delaval, she is currently a trainee at the conservatory of the thirteenth district in Paris, where she is working towards the national French diploma in flute teaching. She is also a master’s scholarship student at the École Normale de Musique de Paris/Université Paris-Saclay. Kappa has won prizes at various competitions and has collaborated with orchestras and ensembles including l’Orchestre Paris Sciences et Lettres, l’Orchestre de Picardie, l’Orchestre Symponique et Lyrique de Paris, the Listen Ensemble, the Amadeus Orchestra and the Cyprus Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Music connects us!

Take a moment and observe the sound around you, inside you...

Life dances to the ongoing, constant pulse of nature. Our heartbeats, our breathing, our walking pace are essential generators of rhythm. In fact, music is inside us, our very own existence bursts with rhythm, our voice produces all kinds of magnificent sounds and our imagination uses every possible way to create music!

Music has always been part of my life. Growing up, I used to listen to my grandfather playing traditional Cypriot tunes on his accordion. My dad used to take me backstage when he was playing various gigs with his band. I was fascinated by how music could make people pause and listen. Moods are totally transformed with the captivating touch of sound.

I began taking music lessons at the age of six. My teachers inspired me to take the beautiful journey of music making. They gave me knowledge, taught me how to improve my skills and discover my talents, introduced me to human values, love and respect – knowledge and values that every child has the right to access. I do my best to cultivate these ideas with my students as well. Finding your talent and sharing it adds to the definition of happiness.

My quest to understand music is an eternal quest to understand myself and the world around me. This journey has taken me to many places in the world. It has given me the chance to perform with people of different nationalities and cultures. I soon came to realise that music unites people in a unique way.

Going on to study in Paris, I found myself at places where great musicians made history before. Every time I visit Notre Dame cathedral I am in awe, thinking of what a major point of musical evolution it has been for centuries. Living in the twenty-first century and being able to witness the remarkable musical achievements that have since taken place in Europe, as well as the countless other styles and aesthetics existing in the world, is a true privilege.

Being a performer is unique in many ways. Getting to dive into a composer’s creation and perform it is challenging, enriching and satisfying. There’s this special feeling of calling the audience to synchronise with you; grabbing their attention by expressing something with sound; this feeling that makes everyone in the room tune in to the same frequency and receive what is expressed in their own way, according to their own expectations and taste. Being present in the moment, all together, is magical. Every moment is unique. Every performance and every concert are one of a kind.

Music for me is an unlimited universal gift. It is travelling on sound waves. It is energy that heals, liberates, empowers. It is learning and expanding. It is international cultural and artistic heritage. It is what has existed and will exist. It is part of us and it connects us!