Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam

Practical information

For the Hearing Impaired 
  • In the Main Hall you may use a radio receiver with either headphone or loop. The loop directs the sound directly to your own hearing-aid. Alternatively, you may connect the receiver to your own bluetooth equipment.
  • In the Recital Hall an infrared system is in use. Receivers are distributed prior to the concert at the cloakroom, where your personal details will be taken down. Frequent users may request a pass.
Parking Spaces for People with Disabilities

Next to the main entrance are seven parking spaces for people with disabilities (three of which are available only from 6.00 p.m.). These parking spaces are reserved for individuals carrying a valid European parking card for people with disabilities and a valid national parking permit (Landelijke Parkeerontheffing). Residents of Amsterdam who have a European parking card for people with disabilities may park anywhere in the city free with a digital licence. Visitors from outside the city may request a free day pass, which will allow them to park outside the parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities. More information about these facilities is available at


Wheelchairs are made available for visitors’ use in the entrance hall (under the stairs leading to the Recital Hall). There are lifts leading to the Recital Hall and to the balconies in the Main Hall. In both the Main Hall and the Recital Hall, a number of seats have been specially reserved for wheelchair users and those accompanying them. Please consult the floor plan to see which seats are reserved. As the seats are not equally suited to all types of wheelchair, we recommend that you phone the Concertgebouw Line (+31 (0)20-6718345) for advice ahead of your visit.

Please be aware that wheelchairs and rollators may not be left standing in the aisles. Attendants will be on hand to assist you if necessary.