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The Academy kicks off with ten participants

13 September 2021

The Concertgebouworkest has trained orchestral musicians for nearly twenty years.

Academy of the Concertgebouworkest season 2021-22 (photo: Milagro Elstak)
Academy of the Concertgebouworkest season 2021-22 (photo: Milagro Elstak)

The Concertgebouworkest Academy is kicking off the new season with ten talented, young musicians. Three wind players were selected in the spring; seven string players had successfully auditioned one year earlier, but were forced to wait a season because of the pandemic. During the 2020–21 season, they took regular lessons online with Concertgebouworkest musicians. The ten Academy students started in September, and most will be performing as part of the orchestra on 16, 17 and 19 September in an all-Brahms programme conducted by Sir John Eliot Gardiner.

The 2021–22 Academy season

Founded nearly twenty years ago, the Concertgebouworkest Academy accepts a growing number of young, talented musicians each year who take part in orchestral productions and are supported by members of the orchestra during an entire season (from September to June). These students also take lessons, participate in workshops and training courses (including training in audition techniques) and give chamber music concerts at various venues. Composers Julia Wolfe and Martijn Padding are among those giving workshops this season. As before, an exchange programme with the Academy of the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra is scheduled to take place in March 2022. The unique collaboration with this Munich-based orchestra academy is also being intensified and expanded with a joint concert in Munich. Further, the Academy students will be learning to apply their knowledge and skills during a three-day education project at the VISIO School for children who are partially sighted or blind.

By the end of the Academy season, participants will have built up thorough knowledge and experience working as orchestral musicians.

From music student to top professional

With its Academy, the Concertgebouworkest aims to bridge the gap between the conservatory and the professional music world. The multifaceted programme it offers helps talented, young musicians become top professionals who are ready for a career as players in renowned symphony orchestras.

The Academy also serves as a pool from which the Concertgebouworkest itself can draw. The students are initiated to, and trained in, the tradition and culture of the orchestra, and master the very specific ensemble playing required, taking responsibility and listening to one another.

In this way, the Concertgebouworkest is passing on its rich musical tradition and creating a community: Academy students past and present make up a group of committed international ambassadors.

Since its inception in 2003, the Concertgebouworkest Academy has produced many dozens of successful orchestral musicians. Most are members of professional orchestras, and no fewer than eleven are now fully fledged members of the Concertgebouworkest.

De Academie of the Concertgebouworkest is fully made possible by the Concertgebouworkest’s donors’ foundation Foundation Concertgebouworkest, which receives donations from, among others, Ammodo,& Dutch Masters Foundation, Swiss Friends of the Concertgebouworkest, Don Quixote Foundation, De Salon, private donors a number of Commemorative Fund.