ING, Unilever and

Global partners of the Concertgebouw Orchestra

Making culture accessible to the widest possible audience – as global partners, ING, Unilever and are excited about joining the Concertgebouw Orchestra in taking on the challenge of reaching new target audiences for classical music. Find out why they feel this is essential.

Thomas Vanderveken presents an Essentials concert
Thomas Vanderveken presents a concert in the Essentials Series, which offers new listeners an accessible way to get to know classical music. Concept developed in collaboration with ING and Unilever.
‘Music connects people, makes you happy and can provide comfort. Music can also help you find inner peace, and by the same token, listening together with others can be a very special shared experience.’
- Eline Overkleeft
Product Owner Sponsoring bij ING

Each and every concert is unique, and as global partners of the orchestra, we’re excited about making sure as many people as possible can discover this, too. The Concertgebouw Orchestra does not shy away from linking its core activity – giving first-rate performances of symphonic works – with innovative concepts to appeal to new and diverse audiences. ING and Unilever are happy to play a part here by helping the orchestra in terms of creativity, expertise and budget so that it can further expand its reach and boost results.

‘I see 100 talented musicians onstage working together to create live, one-off experiences that is unique every single time. The level of quality is mind-blowing. They make me hear and feel something meaningful which I share with all the other listeners in the hall. And when it’s over, it’s gone. But it stays in my heart.’
-  Laurien van Unen
Corporate Partnership Manager Unilever | ING | Unliever Global Partners van het Koninklijk Concertgebouworkest


yes, it's essential

The development of the Essentials concerts is one of the fruits of the orchestra’s collaboration with its global partners ING and Unilever. These partnerships also help to facilitate crossovers and concerts at exciting new venues.