Davide en zijn A/bes klarinetset

In de serie 'Musici over hun instrument': Davide Lattuada over zijn A/bes klarinetset, gebouwd door Buffet Crampon, Parijs, verkregen in 2010.

foto: Davide Lattuada foto: @Davide Lattuada
foto: Davide Lattuada foto: @Davide Lattuada

Why I play the Buffet model…
When I was nine, I started playing this type of clarinet, the Buffet, and I’ve never wanted to switch. The beautiful thing about the sound of the clarinet is of course its velvet character. What I need from my instrument apart from that is its ability to help me with clear articulation. And that’s what this model gives me.

Why I chose these clarinets…
Actually, my colleagues made the final decision for me. When we were on tour in Paris, I went to the Buffet factory and had the opportunity to try these instruments during the concert. Afterwards, I was surprised by the conviction of my fellow woodwind players. My feeling while playing the clarinets onstage was very different from what they experienced. I wasn’t yet convinced, but they told me, ‘No doubt about it: these are your instruments.’ They were right!

A memorable place I played my clarinets…
I’ll never forget the concert at Carnegie Hall in New York on 30 November 2016. To be honest, it wasn’t so much because of the playing, but because of the events that took place there that day – the finals of the World Chess Championships. I went there and witnessed Magnus Carlsen defeat Sergey Karjakin… I may be a musician, but I also happen to be an avid chess player!

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