Auditions 2024/2025

Have you graduated, or are you about to graduate, from a music conservatory and wish to continue your practical training at the very highest level? As an Academy student, you will be given the chance to be a part of the Concertgebouw Orchestra for a whole season. 

Auditions 2024/2025

For the 2024 / 2025 season the following Academy positions are open or will be open soon: violin, viola, cello, double bass, flute, horn, trumpet, trombone (tenor/bass), percussion.

Instrument Audition date:   Application deadline:
Violin   17 May '24   02 April '24
Viola   03 April '24   21 January '24
Cello   15 April '24   04 February '24
Double Bass 13 March '24   14 January '24
Flute    16 March '24   21 January '24
Bassoon 11 April '24   04 February '24
Horn   16 April '24   04 February '24
Trumpet   11 March '24   21 January '24
Trombone (Tenor/Bass)   02 April' 24   21 January '24
Percussion  26 March '24   21 January '24

Who can apply?

Musicians who:

  • are not older than 26 at 1 September 2024 and
  • preferably have a Bachelor’s degree or are studying for a Master’s degree and
  • holding the nationality of a European Union country plus, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland. Or are in the possession of a valid Dutch working permit

Please note:

  • Applications must be made online via muvac.
  • Academy students stay in Amsterdam for the entire academic season (from September to June) and receive a monthly allowance. 
  • The requested repertoire can be found in the application form on muvac. We require a video with good sound quality.
  • The Concertgebouworkest reserves the right to make a preliminary selection based on letters / video of application. The results will be communicated at least 1-month prior to the audition.
  • For more detailed information check the application form on muvac.
online application muvac

Programme of the Academy of the Concertgebouw Orchestra

  • playing in the orchestra on up to fifteen orchestral programmes under the direction of leading conductors, accompanied by mentors from the orchestra’s ranks
  • giving chamber music concerts, some with members of the orchestra; the Academy students are coached by members of the orchestra as they prepare for these concerts
  • twenty private lessons with principals and other members of the orchestra
  • movement techniques: private lessons in Alexander Technique
  • private and group sessions in psychological training
  • a masterclass with a solist and/or a conductor
  • training in audition techniques, culminating in two mock auditions, including one behind an audition screen
  • education (creative learning): an improvisation workshop and a three-day education workshop, culminating in a performance
  • divers workshops: media training among athers.

If the academist successfully completes all the parts of the Academy course, he is presented with an Academy certificate at the end of his employment contract. The Academy certificate gives priority in auditions for the Concertgebouw Orchestra, in the sense that the Academist is immediately admitted to the second round of auditions, provided that the Academy certificate is less than three years old. This priority rule does not apply to auditions for the positions of Principal or Assistant Principal.