Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam

31 January 2020

Oedipus rex

Man and myth


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January 2020 Friday 20:15
Concertgebouw, Amsterdam
The Netherlands

The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra is performing Stravinsky’s compelling opera–oratorio Oedipus rex as part of the thematic concert series Man and Myth. The figure of Oedipus inspired Theo Verbey to compose a new work commissioned by the orchestra.

Oedipus rex

In the thematic series Man and Myth, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra is focusing on mythological figures who have had a major influence on our culture thanks to the great Greek tragedians. It was Sophocles who first gave us the tragic king Oidípous, king of Thebes. When trying to find out who killed his father, he slowly but surely arrives at a horrifying discovery... In Stravinsky’s brilliant opera–oratorio Oedipus rex, a churning sea of emotions lies beneath the ritualistic music.

World première

The Finnish conductor Santtu-Matias Rouvali is making his first appearance with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, leading it in Stravinsky’s Oedipus rex, which is preceded by Verdi's La forza del destino and the world premiere of a work by the Dutch composer Theo Verbey.


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