Fundraising USA tour November 2024

Fundraising USA tour November 2024

November 17-26, 2024

Introduction to the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra is one of the world’s leading orchestra’s inspiring audiences and musical talents from around the globe for more than 130 years.

  • The orchestra delivers top quality classical music, every time again: always striving for musical perfection according to the highest artistic quality standards.
  • Passion to engage, attract and develop the most talented musicians from around the globe, with diverse backgrounds and from all layers of society.
  • Aiming to be at the very heart of society for almost 135 years leveraging its global leadership position and reputation to make classical music broadly accessible, particularly to youth from all walks of life.
  • Living proof that a team of talents can reach the top and stay there for decades by nurturing a culture aimed at talent development and passing on the tradition from generation to generation.
  • Our mission: The Concertgebouw Orchestra changes people’s lives through the transformative power of music.
  • Our promise: Electrifying live moments each concert.

Facts & Figures

  • Awarded ‘Greatest Orchestra in the World’ on numerous occasions
  • Playing 130 concerts each season, drawing 280.000 live visitors globally
  • Including 40 concerts abroad in the finest international concert halls and as regular guest at the world's best-known festivals of Salzburg, Lucerne, Berlin
  • Frequent intercontinental tours to USA, China, Japan, Korea
  • Frequently Residency Concerts in Paris, London, Brussels and Frankfurt
  • Part of Dutch Cultural Heritage and a Royal patronage by Queen Máxima
  • Divers team: 125 talented musicians with over 25 different nationalities
  • Outreach to millions of people through major events like the “USA Tour” and “Opening Night” and (social) media releases
  • Many historic ties with the United States, where it performs since 1956

Fundrasing Goal

The orchestra is once every few years in the US and is planning the next tour in November between the 17th and the 26th, 2024. They will perform in New York (Carnegie Hall, 22 – 23 November) and in several other cities. The locations are not final yet but most likely they will perform in Florida and Washington. 

Performing in the United States is key for the Concertgebouw Orchestra and its international status as one of the best orchestras in the world. Unfortunately, going on tour to the US is not cost effective for the orchestra. Therefore, to be able to perform in these important halls and to reach the American audiences the orchestra is in need of extra funds. 

The American-Dutch connection is embedded in the history of our orchestra and by visiting the US the orchestra wants to amplify that valuable connection. This gives the American audience the opportunity to listen to this world class orchestra and experience Dutch heritage, specifically the unique Concertgebouw Orchestra sound, closer to home. We promise electrifying live moments each concert.

Make the tour happen! You can do this by donating as a private donor or corporate sponsor. The larger the gift, the closer you will get to the orchestra itself. See our packages on the next pages!