Mahler > Symphony No. 2

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Daniele Gatti, chief conductor
Chen Reiss, soprano
Karen Cargill, mezzo-soprano
Netherlands Radio Choir
Klaas Stok, chorus master

The names of Gustav Mahler and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra are inseparable. Willem Mengelberg's pioneering work en Mahler's own guest performances with the orchestra have laid the foundation under the Dutch Mahler cult and the RCO's Mahler tradition, that flourished ever since. During the past years Daniele Gatti has conducted strong and spectacular performances of four Mahler symphonies as a guest conductor. After the Fifth, Ninth, Sixth and Third, Gatti's first Mahler symphony as chief conductor was the Second Symphony. With this recording RCO Live is beginning a new Mahler cycle with Daniele Gatti.

Recorded live at Concertgebouw Amsterdam on 14-16 September 2016 

From the press 

'Gatti's Mahler is astounding.'
- Guido van Oorschot, Volkskrant

'Gatti is a conductor who makes you reflect on what interpretation really is, should or could be nowadays.'
- Mischa Spel, NRC


Catalogue No: RCO 17003
Barcode: 814337019358
Format: Hybrid Multichannel SACD
Weight: 188 gr.

€ 19,00
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