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Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam



first violin

Marleen Asberg studied at the Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam with Herman Krebbers. She won first prize twice at the Iordens Viooldagen in The Hague and the coveted Zilveren Vriendenkrans award, and made it to the final round of the 1987 Oskar Back National Violin Competition. She joined the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in 1991, even before graduating with honours from the conservatory.

Asberg is a frequent performer of chamber music and regularly performs as a member of various ensembles. She has played first violin in the Ebony Band since 1992. She has given solo performances with Het Gelders Orkest and Nieuw Sinfonietta.

Since 2015 Marleen Asberg plays on a violin from the instrument collection of RCO Foundation, a J.B. Guadagnini violin built in 1757, previously played on by concertmasters Viktor Libermann and Alexander Kerr and - for a long period of time - Marleen's colleague Marijn Mijnders.

  • 2015 - J.B. Guadagnini violin built in 1757 on loan from RCO Foundation
  • 1992 - first violinist Ebony Band
  • 1991 - joined the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
  • 1991 - graduating with honours from the Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam
  • 1987 - finalist Oskar Back National Violin Competition
  • Wins Zilveren Vriendenkrans award
  • Wins first prize Iordens Viooldagen twice