Olger Glorie

Born 24 February 1995

Olger Glorie calls himself ‘a crazy drummer, entrepreneur and law student’. He says, ‘People call me a music nerd, as the skull underneath my long hippie hair is filled with an enormous music library. Maybe I should be diagnosed as a music addict…’ 


What is music?
Vibrations, cash cows, sheets of paper.
Noise, a hobby or something greater? 

As warm tones embrace me with a sensitive touch, every cell awakens.
And so suddenly it’s crystal clear: without this, life wouldn’t mean so much.
Starting with the slightest pulse, an unstoppable stream hard to define,
is fortifying across hidden spaces and accelerating into echoes.

Sometimes leading down the valley, flowing into the darkest of times.
Friction. Falsetto. Dissonance. Adagissimo. Silence.
Falling into the endless emptiness.

When suddenly softly caught by clouds, pianissimo surrounds.
My ears are open to feel the nuances of sound.
My hands are reaching out, controlled by strings.
Which enables movements and motions, when tips touch tenderly.
My feet keep me standing, while activated by vibrations.
A movement, I swing, without ending.
My brain filled with connections. A tone, a pulse.
Sound? Brightness. Action!
My heart is a drum: a rhythm, a beat.
The pulse keeps me alive, makes blood flow, circles repeat.

As I grow older, music grows too.
But when I disappear, my music remains like moments I collected.
Never to be forgotten, an endless river.
Revisiting the ancient and embracing the newborn.
As the circle of life won’t stop moving on,
we continue progressing while keeping the past alive. 

Like vibrant photos on a wall, I sense, feel and enjoy.
Filled with emotions, music does it all.
It’s the centre of my core, like water to a fish.
Like sunlight to a flower, it’s what I am here for. 

No matter how near, and no matter how far.
Music is with me, and I am with it.
And forever will I be, since music melts
into everything I see and all I have ever felt. 

The air I breathe
The ground I feel
The food I eat
The dream I dream
I know for certain
I am music
But is music me?