Padding Ick seg adieu

In 2015 the Concertgebouw Orchestra commissioned Martijn Padding to compose a short work to be performed at Mariss Jansons' farewell concert. Padding chose a 16th century Dutch folk song, Ick seg adieu, as the basis of his composition.

Padding studied piano and musicology at the University of Utrecht and composition with Louis Andriessen at the Royal Conservatory in the Hague, where he himself now teaches. Padding describes his compositional method as a “fascination for clarity and the opposition between the logical and the non-logical. I’m looking for artfulness rather than the great dramatic gesture”. Padding has composed concertos for guitar and orchestra, for mandolin and for harmonium. In Eight Metal Strings the percussionist is required to play a bicycle pump and a klaxon; his desire for artfulness in Ick seg adieu is exemplified in his use of highly unusual instruments such as the Waldteufel.

Translation: Peter Lockwood