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Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam

Staff & Board

Managing board

Artistic Affairs

  • Lisette Castel, Planning & Production Manager
  • Mark van Dongen, Artistic Administration
  • Stephan Heber, Chamber Music Coordinator
  • Gonneke de Jong, Orchestra Academy Coordinator
  • Lili Schutte, Education Coordinator
  • Mieke Bleeker, Personal Assistant to the Artistic Director
  • Karlijn Riedijk, Planning & Production Assistant
  • Marcel van Tilburg, Media Productions Assistant


  • Anne Christin Erbe, Head of Development
  • Patty Nobrega,  Senior Account Manager Corporate Partnerships
  • Charlie dos Reis Borges Rodrigues, Account Manager Corporate Partnerships
  • Rosa van Dijk, Chef du Bureau
  • Barbara Ruding, Account Manager Unique Projects
  • Katinka Canté, Senior Account Manager Private Fundraising
  • Hanna Philips, Development/Instruments
  • Nike de Jong, Development
  • Henriette Henny, Development
  • Harmina Snoodijk, Events Organiser
  • Wessel Kastein, Private Relations Assistant

Podium stafF

  • Harriët van Uden, Personnel Manager
  • Peter Tollenaar, Personnel Manager
  • Douwe Zuidema, Senior Librarian
  • Marianne Butijn, Librarian
  • Johan van Maaren, Stage crew and Coordinator for Logistics and Transportation
  • Jan Ummels, Stage crew
  • Ton van der Meer, Stage crew

Public Relations

  • Michiel Jongejan, Public Relations Manager
  • Marian van den Beuken, Public Relations Coordinator
  • Akira Dieters, Public Relations Assistant
  • Martijn Voorvelt, Editor & Copywriter
  • Tine Vlam,Receptionist, Receptionist
  • Ingeborg Neijenhoff, Receptionist
  • Olga Beemster, Receptionist

Marketing & Sales

  • Wietske Kuiper, Marketing Manager
  • Marieke Mulder, Customer Service Coordinator for Sales & Ticketing
  • Jacoba de Boer, Marketeer
  • Agnes van den Ham, Customer Service Assistant for Sales & Ticketing
  • Renske Vrolijk, Web-editor


  • Robbert Jan van der Maal, Finance Manager/Senior Controller
  • Carolina Kreeft, Financial Administration Assistant & Payroll Administrator
  • Noëlle Claessens, Financial Administration Assistant
  • Mieke de Louwer, Financial Administration Assistant

Human Resources

  • Marja Verhoogt, Human Resources Manager
  • Brigit van den Broek, Human Resources Assistant
  • Marianne van Pelt, Administrative Assistant


  • Else Broekman, Tour Manager
  • Manon Wagenmakers,  Tours Assistant
  • Ingeborg Neijenhoff, Administrative Assistant


  • Wiet Pot, chairman
  • Paul Schnabel, treasurer
  • Martijn Snoep, board member
  • Frits Campagne, board member
  • Ralph Hamers, board member
  • Dorothee van Vredenburch, board member
  • Carolien Gehrels, board member
  • Bart Claessens, board member
  • Leonie Bot, board member
  • Christian van Eggelen, board member