Amsterdam at home and away

Since 2022 the Concertgebouw Orchestra has a new global partner: The Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of the well-known digital travel company, Arjan Dijk, tells us how connects to the Concertgebouw Orchestra. “Unforgettable experiences is what it’s all about.”

Amsterdam with a touch of international allure

The Concertgebouw Orchestra and worked together as partners for the first time during the Opening Night on the Dam in 2021. The concert was a gift to the city from both organisations after a long period of lockdowns. The success of the event laid the foundations for a new partnership set to last many years. The relationship to the capital city was an important connecting factor for the two companies. was founded as a small Dutch start-up in 1996, and since then it has developed into one of the world’s leading digital travel companies. Arjan Dijk says: “As an employer, the roots that has in Amsterdam are strong. We are a really great and international tech company that grew up in Amsterdam and I am actually quite proud of that as a Dutchman. Like us, the Concertgebouw Orchestra has a strong connection to the city and simultaneously radiates international allure. We recognise ourselves in that.”

“Our partnership contributes to the way of life in the city – Amsterdam is a place where you can enjoy working and living and also be able to attend a magnificent concert in the evening.” would like to be part of Amsterdam life, to give something back to their community. Arjan: “That is also part of the reason we are sponsors of Amsterdam Pride. The diversity and the international character of the event reflect our city and reflect our company too. The Concertgebouw Orchestra is a quintessential part of the city lit with another spotlight. Here we see a reflection of the diversity of cultural life, and the quality – this orchestra is one of the best in the world.

Our partnership contributes to the way of life in the city – Amsterdam is a place where you can enjoy working and living and also be able to attend a magnificent concert in the evening It is remarkable for me how much classical music I can recognise without knowing how or why. Music is a valuable part of our history. It possesses a beautiful timeless quality.’

Twelve percent

An important point of similarity is that both the orchestra and provide experiences, says Arjan. “We want everybody to experience the world. It’s our mission to make that easy. Experiences are often more valuable than possessions. My first car – the Opel Kadett – made me very happy, but later, newer and more expensive cars never gave me that same kind of joy. Taking a weekend trip or witnessing a special performance by the Concertgebouw Orchestra are experiences that can bring you happiness time and time again.

“...just like the Concertgebouw Orchestra, we like to focus on the memories at the very front of your mind.”

“Did you know that we only consciously remember twelve percent of everything we do? Sometimes a scent can trigger a forgotten memory, or something you see or hear does it, but just like the Concertgebouw Orchestra, we like to focus on the memories at the very front of your mind. Attending a fantastic concert with your mother or travelling to Paris with your partner – those are moments you will never forget. It makes me happy to work in a sector that contributes towards these moments.”

Providing opportunities

Arjan believes that can be a useful global partner for the orchestra. “Our brand is for everyone – just like Lego, IKEA, or Hema. You wouldn’t immediately add the Concertgebouw Orchestra to that list, but the dream is that everybody has access to the wonderful musical life of the orchestra. We want to help more young people and new audiences find their way to the Concertgebouw Orchestra.

Opening Night 2022 in the Amsterdam Westerpark (photo: Floris Heuer).

“An important step towards achieving this goal is the support our partnership lends to the Opening Night, which was held in the Westerpark last year and on the Dam in 2021.” Another cornerstone of our partnership is the development of talent. gives its support to the European youth orchestra Concertgebouw Orchestra Young. “Providing opportunities to talented young people means a lot to us. We recognise the passion they have for doing what they care about. In our case, it is all about technology, for the orchestra it is all about music. It is crucial for these young musicians to feel like they can develop their talent in a comfortable environment.”

Sharing experiences

The partnership between the orchestra and is still fresh. Teams from both organisations are continually discussing the possibilities ahead. It is already clear that the collaboration is a huge success internally at – the concert tickets for employees were snatched up in half an hour. “My colleagues are incredibly enthusiastic,” says Arjan. “In the inner city, we are one of the largest employers, with more than six thousand employees.

“The majority of our employees are not Dutch, and for them it is also great to experience concerts by such a fabulously talented orchestra. That is certainly a valuable facet of the partnership. Our people can enjoy a really special experience, that is not material, at the concerts of the Concertgebouw Orchestra. What’s more, it is an experience you can share with friends. That kind of thing makes the world a better place.”

By Marije Bosnak
This article appeared in the 2022 annual report of the Foundation Concertgebouw Orchestra.