Daantje Dirigentje now in bookstores

Daantje Dirigentje en een hoorn met een verhaal (Daantje the Conductor and a horn with a story) is now in bookstores! Daantje Dirigentje is the Concertgebouw Orchestra’s new eight-part series of Dutch-language bedtime storybooks created with Rubinstein publishers, offering children a fun, light-hearted way to get to know the world of musical instruments.
Daantje Dirigentje now in bookstores

Daantje has a terrible cold! She’s coughing and sneezing and sniffling and sneezing – ahhhhhhhhchoo! – and using up tissues by the boxful. Then she notices that Horn is being really quiet. Could it just be Daantje’s ears acting up, or is there something else going on...?

de hoornRead what happens next in Daantje Dirigentje en een hoorn met een verhaal, in bookshops now. Daantje Dirigentje is a new series of bedtime stories produced by the Concertgebouw Orchestra. Designed for reading aloud to children ages 3 through 6, the volumes will be published one at a time. Children can go on an adventure with one of the instruments from the orchestra before they go to sleep.

The stories are written by Erik van Os and Elle van Lieshout, illustrated by Emanuel Wiemansand published by Rubinstein. The books include QR codes that give access to the lullaby series ‘Sssst... lekker slapen’, previously produced by the Concertgebouw Orchestra in conjunction with Zwitsal.

Daantje Dirigentje en een hoorn met een verhaal is made possible in part by ING, a global partner of the Concertgebouw Orchestra.