Leave a legacy to culture

From 30 October to 5 November, the Concertgebouw Orchestra is taking part in the Week of “Bequeath to Culture” (Nalaten aan cultuur). Together with other cultural institutions, we will be spreading the word about the possibility of bequeathing a donation to a cultural institution.
image: Renske Vrolijk
image: Renske Vrolijk

Would you like to include the Concertgebouw Orchestra in your will?

Theatre, painting, dance, music – for many people, culture is what heightens the colours in life. Is that true for you too? And do you hope that future generations will also have the opportunity to experience that? Then consider leaving a donation in your will to a cultural institution. This way you will continue to give support to the organisation you care about even after your lifetime.

Leave a donation to the Concertgebouw Orchestra

A cultural institution usually has ANBI status, offering the advantage that gifts to the institution are exempt from inheritance tax. Because the cultural institution with ANBI status does not have to pay inheritance tax, your entire bequest will go to the cultural institution.

The Week of Bequeath to Culture

Two years ago, 52 collaborating cultural institutions came together in the “Bequeath to culture” (Nalaten aan cultuur) initiative. As a group in the Nalaten aan cultuur Foundation, they are using this week to raise awareness in the Netherlands about the possibility of including cultural bequests in your will. The Concertgebouw Orchestra was among the initiators.

Even when you’re not a millionaire, your legacy can support culture