Pictures at an exhibition online!

In this exhibition, a series of vivid paintings of the most fantastic subjects pass by. For children six years and older, the musicians are performing a concert full of colour and movement thanks to the irresistible music of Modest Musorgsky.
Children's concert (photo: Milagro Elstak).
Children's concert (photo: Milagro Elstak).

As of Sunday morning, 10 april, 10 a.m., you can watch our fun concert for children Pictures at an exhibition online. Check Facebook, YouTube or this site.

The Russian composer Musorgsky wrote the music after attending an exhibition of paintings by one of his friends. Today, no one knows what the paintings actually looked like because nearly all of them have since been lost. But the music lives on. And it’s so colourful and lively that you’ll instantly see the images the music so vividly evokes.

The paintings depict all sorts of subjects – an old castle, a frightening gnome, dancing chicks and a witch in a house on stilts. There’s certainly plenty to see and hear on this children’s concert!


  • Concertgebouw Orchestra
  • Felix Mildenberger - conductor
  • Rogier van Erkel - actor
  • Lotte van Dijck- text and stage direction
  • Jurjen Alkema - projections

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