The Royal Republic

The percussion and timpani section of the Concertgebouw Orchestra was referred to by Bernard Haitink as 'The Royal Republic'. The Spanish-Dutch filmmaker Carmen Cobos was given exclusive access to this group and made a beautiful documentary about them that will premiere on February 8.
The Royal Republic

They play a supporting role, yet they are totally indispensable. Never in the limelight, the audience mainly notices them during loud musical passages. But there is more to these talented men at the back of the podium than meets the eye. The skills of this group are so diverse and unique, that in the 135 years of the orchestra’s existence only 26 musicians were regarded virtuoso enough to become part of the team. Their special status gives them the freedom to select their own instruments, to manage their own space and to interpret the music in their own way. That's why the world-renowned conductor Bernard Haitink named them ‘The royal Royal republic of the percussion’.

‘… A feel-good movie about friendship, craftsmanship and music … ‘

In this documentary we learn to know this group. We discover how much they love their profession, how much they care for their instruments and how deeply they appreciate their mutual connection. But the looming retirement of the timpanist Nick Woud threatens to unsettle their exclusive existence. A new group member, who has to match them in every possible way, will need to be found, adding extra pressure to a season already marred by Covid-19 and cancelled concerts.

Engaging and entertaining, The Royal Republic is a feel-good movie about friendship, craftsmanship and music.

Premiere on 8 February in EYE Amsterdam

Tickets for the premiere on 8 February in EYE can be purchased hereThe Royal Republic will be in cinemas from 9 February.

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