Bijlmer Klassiek: a unique collaboration

With moments of high emotion, joyful gatherings and exciting crossovers, the first Bijlmer Klassiek editions of the season have been a success. All sold out concerts were performed by inspired musicians to an enthusiastic audience. Now on to the concert, on 7 April: Annou alé!
Give Life Back to Music, 3 February (image: Jean van Lingen)
Give Life Back to Music, 3 February (image: Jean van Lingen)

In the Bijlmer Klassiek series, the Concertgebouw Orchestra partners with the Bijlmer Parktheater. The programmes are put together by orchestra members and artists who represent a completely different genre of music. Music styles blend seamlessly into each other and are mixed with various other performing arts.

On 1 October, pianist Roderigo Robles de Medina, together with four string players from the Orchestra, presented Surinamese Romanticism, compelling music made by Surinamese composers and by Dutch musicians with Surinamese roots.

‘In these turbulent times it becomes especially important to create solidarity and connection through music.’
- Coraline Groen

For Caribbean Meets Classical on 3 December, violinist Coraline Groen created a programme with multi-instrumentalist and singer Stanley Clementina. It resulted in a fascinating mix of European classical music and authentic music styles from the Caribbean, such as the seú – ceremonial music from the plantations. The concert ended with the audience up on their feet and dancing.

Caribbean Meets Classical  - 3 December

Give Life Back to Music was the title of the concert on 3 February, which played the eponymous Daft Punk song among other pieces. Rob Dirksen, bassist of the Concertgebouw Orchestra and composer, joined forces with the versatile jazz musician Eddy Veldman to present a swinging crossover of classical and jazz.

‘This concept brings out openness in people, it provides an opportunity to learn to appreciate other genres, without feeling any pressure to have to appreciate it.’
- Stanley Clementina

7 April - Annou alé!

On Sunday 7 April, we will embark on a musical adventure to the Caribbean and beyond with Bijlmer Klassiek, joined by singer and keyboard player Sophie Anglionin, her father, singer/guitarist Alain Anglionin, and the violinist Jae-Won Lee. We visit Alain’s native Martinique, where sounds from Africa, Europe and Latin America come together. We also can hear the whole world in the music from France, where Jae-Won grew up.