Koninklijk Concertgebouworkest

The Concertgebouworkest is a Dutch Symphony Orchestra of international renown. Founded in 1888 it was granted the designation ‘Royal’ on the occasion of its 100th anniversary. The orchestra accounts for 120 permanent musicians and has its seat in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, known for its extraordinary acoustics. Patron of the orchestra is Queen Maxima of the Netherlands.

The Concertgebouworkest is considered as one of the world’s best symphony orchestras recognized amongst others for its interpretation of Mahler and Bruckner, which make up a fixed part of the orchestra’s repertoire. The development of the orchestra was sustainably shaped thru the fact that only a few conductors, such as Willem Mengelberg and Bernard Haitink, governed it.

The Concertgebouworkest is cherished in Switzerland via its traditional annual concerts during the Lucerne Festival in the Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Luzern (KKL) in Lucerne.


Trompettists of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra (photo: Peter Tollenaar)
Trompettists of the Concertgebouworkest: Bert Langenkamp, Jacco Groenendijk, Miroslav Petkov and Omar Tomasoni (photo: Peter Tollenaar)

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Masterclass door Vincent Cortvrint © Peter Tollenaar/Koninklijk Concertgebouworkest
Masterclass door Vincent Cortvrint (photo: Peter Tollenaar)

The Swiss Friends of the Concertgebouworkest

The Swiss Friends of the Concertgebouworkest, founded in 2007, is a non-profit association under Swiss Law. Its members are referred to as ‘Swiss Friends.’

The Swiss Friends, with its prominent Patron, conductor Bernard Haitink, endeavors to support talented young Swiss musicians. In close cooperation with the orchestra, the Swiss Friends support them to participate in masterclasses in Switzerland under the guidance of musicians of the orchestra.

In addition, the Swiss Friends offer excellent young musicians who meet the high standards of the Concertgebouworkest, grants for participating in the Academy of the Concertgebouworkest. The courses at the Academy contain individual tuition by musicians of the Concertgebouworkest, and occasionally the academists can be part of the orchestra and play with them. It is a unique chance to get stage experience with an excellent orchestra like the Concertgebouworkest. 

At the same time, the Swiss Friends support the Concertgebouworkest in the realisation of its artistic ambitions.  For example, by purchasing high-quality instruments, which musicians of the orchestra can use through the RCO Foundation.

A further aim is to increase awareness of the Concertgebouworkest with the Swiss audience. The Swiss Friends support unique events like the post-concert cocktail dînatoire in Lucerne where they can mingle with the musicians of the orchestra. Members of the Concertgebouworkest also participate at exclusive performances aimed at raising funds for talented Swiss musicians.


Membership of the Swiss Friends is available to individuals and corporates alike and offers exclusive privileges:

Individual and young members have the opportunity to participate in exclusive cultural trips to Amsterdam or to European cities where the orchestra is playing. In Amsterdam, they can enjoy a concert of the highest quality form especially reserved seats at the exquisite Concertgebouw, for example during the Opening Night. Additionally, members get the opportunity to have a look behind the scenes of this cultural institution and interact personally with members of the orchestra.

Corporate members can also count on the support of the Concertgebouworkest if they would like to book individual musicians of the orchestra for an exclusive client event of the company in Switzerland.

Individual, young and corporate members, will get easier access to tickets for performances of the Concertgebouworkest in Switzerland and the possibility to interact with the musicians.

All members are making a valuable contribution to the advancement of young talented musicians in Switzerland.

Membership Fee

The annual membership fee for individual members (including partners) starts at CHF 1,000 and for young members (≤40 years) at CHF 500. For corporate members, the fee starts at CHF 5,000. A lifetime membership is CHF 15,000. Because the Swiss Friends of the Concertgebouworkest is a non-profit association, contributions are tax deductible.

Become a member


Members and non-members can associate their name very effectively as sponsors of high-class events, such as concerts of the Concertgebouworkest, performances of individual musicians of the orchestra, fundraising events or events to promote young Swiss talents. Purchasing an instrument for usage by the Concertgebouworkest is another opportunity to associate a company or a product with the orchestra.

RCO Opening Night 2017 conducted by Thomas Hengelbrock (photo: Milagro Elstak)
Opening Night 2017 conducted by Thomas Hengelbrock (photo: Milagro Elstak)



  • Mr. Ronald Wijs, President
  • Mr. John-Patrick Broekhuijsen
  • Mrs. Fleur Dwarshuis
  • Mr. Jaap Verbeek
  • Mrs. Belle van Lith
  • David Bazen, Directeur a.i.

Mr. Bernard Haitink, Honorary Conductor Concertgebouworkest

Patronage Committee
  • Mr. Koos Vink, Honorary Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Zürich area, President
  • Mr. Heinz Walker-Nederkoorn, Ambassador of Switzerland in the Netherlands
  • Mrs. Hedda Samson, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Switzerland
  • Mrs. Corine Mauch, Mayor of Zürich
  • Mrs. Ruth Koetser, Koetser Gallery Zürich
  • Mr. Mischa Damev, Director Musik Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund
  • Mrs. Aleid de Jong van Coevorden, Honorary Consul-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Geneva


Regional Contact Persons
  • Eastern Switzerland Mrs. Brigitte Wijler
  • Western Switzerland Mrs. Ruth Koetser

Swiss Friends of the Concertgebouworkest
c/o Siemer & Partners AG
P.O. Box 2071
CH - 8027 Zürich
tel +41 79 137 24 28
email info@swissfriends-concertgebouworkest.ch


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