De Salon

For decades, De Salon has served as the Concertgebouworkest’s exclusive club for its many business partners. We would be delighted to welcome you, too, as a member of De Salon.

Experience the magic of the orchestra

Connect with the Concertgebouworkest and gain access to a network of leading companies, key executives and representatives of Dutch culture.

You’ll meet some fifty members of De Salon from various sectors at unique concerts and exclusive events. Plus you’ll meet our musicians and experience the magic of the orchestra up close.

Concertgebouworkest Grote Zaal

Setting the tone for the future

De Salon supports the development of young musical talent through initiatives like the Salon Fund and the Concertgebouworkest Academy. Joining our business club thus contributes to the future of symphonic music and to helping the Concertgebouworkest maintain its position as one of the world’s very best orchestras.


Membership costs €5,000 (excl. VAT) a year, for a minimum of three years, and confers a number of privileges. To ensure that the orchestra is of relevance to a given company at every level, our privileges are linked with different events designed to cater for specific target groups.


Annual Gala

Invitation for two people

Each concert season the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra gives a grand Annual Gala for its loyal friends and relations. After the concert, everyone is welcome to attend surprising follow-up programmes in the Recital Hall, Mirror Hall, Choir Hall and the Dirigentenfoyer. Until midnight you have the opportunity to meet each other, the conductor, the soloists and the choir and orchestra members.

Annual Gala 2022 (photo: Eduardus Lee)
Annual Gala 2022 (photo: Eduardus Lee)

Season Celebration

Invitation for two people

This conclusion of the concert season is a popular event in which musicians from the Concertgebouw Orchestra perform a special programme together with members of the Academy and winners of the Salon Fund. All Salon members are invited to this unique evening together with our corporate partners and private donors.

Essentials concert with pre-reception at the Concertgebouw

Invitation for four people

The Essentials concert series was developed in collaboration with our global partners Unilever and ING. Essentials concerts introduce listeners to the greatest symphonic masterpieces with accessible introductions given by a presenter. Prior to Essentials concerts, members of De Salon get the chance to network in one of the foyers at the Concertgebouw.

Presenter Thomas Vanderveken opens concerts in the Essentials Series with an accessible introduction (photo: Mladen Pikulić).
Presenter Thomas Vanderveken opens concerts in the Essentials Series with an accessible introduction (photo: Mladen Pikulić).

Grand Salon

Invitation for four people

The Concertgebouworkest shows off another side at the Grand Salon, which features crossovers with other artistic disciplines, musicians giving talks, and discussions held on interesting subjects. It’s truly an experience money can’t buy!

Grand Salon with Dominic Seldis, double bass (photo: Milagro Elstak)
Grand Salon with Dominic Seldis, double bass (photo: Milagro Elstak)

Additional privileges

  • Access to a private rehearsal visit*
  • Opportunity to book spaces at the Concertgebouw Orchestra’s home base as a special meeting location*
  • Access to the Concertgebouw Orchestra’s exclusive media archives
  • Private chamber music concert at corporate events*
  • Subscription to the Preludium magazine
  • Priority when booking subscriptions and single tickets for the best seats in the hall
  • Access to De Salon’s exclusive business club app
  • Your company name published in the season brochure, in the annual report and on the website, should you so wish
  • You will receive our season brochure, annual report and newsletter.
  • A special designated contact will be assigned to you.

*subject to applicable terms and conditions