The Academy of the Concertgebouw Orchestra has served as the orchestra’s own training institute for twenty years. Talented European musicians complete their musical training by taking part in a personal development programme under the orchestra’s wings.

    The Academy is the Concertgebouw Orchestra's bridge between the conservatory and the professional music world. The multifaceted programme it offers produces outstanding musicians who are ready for a career in an internationally renowned symphony orchestra.

    The Academy also serves as a pool from which the Concertgebouw Orchestra itself can draw. The students are initiated to, and trained in the tradition of, the orchestra’s culture and master the very specific ensemble playing required – taking responsibility, having confidence, listening to one another and taking risks.

    Through the Academy, the Concertgebouw Orchestra is handing down an important tradition. No fewer than fifteen former Academy students are now fully fledged members of the Concertgebouw Orchestra.

    Programme of the Academy of the Concertgebouw Orchestra

    • playing in the orchestra on up to fifteen orchestral programmes under the direction of leading conductors, accompanied by mentors from the orchestra’s ranks
    • giving chamber music concerts, some with members of the orchestra; the Academy students are coached by members of the orchestra as they prepare for these concerts
    • twenty private lessons with principals and other members of the orchestra
    • movement techniques: private lessons in Alexander Technique
    • private and group sessions in psychological training
    • a masterclass with a solist and/or a conductor
    • training in audition techniques, culminating in two mock auditions, including one behind an audition screen
    • education (creative learning): an improvisation workshop and a three-day education workshop, culminating in a performance
    • divers workshops: media training among athers.