David's ambitions

David is a member of the board. He is very proud of the orchestra, which is rooted in Amsterdam and touches people worldwide. For him, the orchestra of the future is based at the centre of society, with innovative productions and concert formulas.

David's ambitions
David Bazen (photo: Eduardus Lee)

Standing out artistically

‘To remain meaningful through our music, we need to do more than organising concerts of well-known classical works in the Concertgebouw. We already do this, but there is also room for improvement. Every season, with the help of our donors, we can make a difference with special artistic projects. For example, productions which include other forms of art, concertante operas and compositions of contemporary composers.

Arouse curiosity

Music enriches life and makes it more beautiful, so we want to share it with as many people as possible. We feel the responsibility and the necessity to reach out to a new audience and arouse their curiosity. Our donors have made it possible to create a new formula for an annual and free-of-charge event: ‘Opening Night’. We played outdoors in September, in the Westerpark. The formal concert etiquette was not present; neighbours arrived with their children and their friends, brought their own drinks and snacks and listened to the orchestra. Come rain or shine...

‘Donors ensure the orchestra can work on a healthy future, regardless of economic and political circumstances.’


Members of the orchestra are hungry for new developments, especially in times of economic uncertainty. They wonder: how can we remain relevant, and what can we improve? They are plenty of ideas, but investing in an innovative, artistic direction is valuable. Something we can only achieve with the help of our donors. Donors ensure the orchestra can work on a healthy future, regardless of economic and political circumstances.