Omar's ambitions

Italian Omar is principal trumpet player at the Concertgebouw Orchestra. His ambitions reach beyond anything he wishes for himself. He feels responsible for the continued existence of the orchestra and for spreading the love for classical music. 

Omar's ambitions
Omar Tomasoni (photo: Eduardus Lee)


I have made many dreams come true already, but this does not mean I am less ambitious. We are responsible for carrying out the fundamental value music can have on society.

We are already consciously doing this. For example, the fantastic brass players I am surrounded with when we perform as RCO Brass, the orchestra’s brass players, all over the world. When we then play together in the orchestra, we bring self-confidence, friendship and a close way of communicating with us. We also present ourselves more and more on social media as individuals to better connect with the new generation so that people can recognise us.

We are responsible for carrying out the fundamental value music can have on society.

For me, these developments match a new way of thinking about music and how to make music. It is more and more about the interaction between people. We must surround ourselves with people who understand that music is a fundamental part of society. It is a way of communicating, of understanding each other in another language.

Reaching as many people as possible

The ambition the Concertgebouw Orchestra should have is clear to me: reaching as many people as possible. We are privileged as an orchestra, we are loved in the Netherlands and abroad. But what happens around us is worrying. Where are all the opportunities we used to have, for example, the music school? To give all children a chance to become acquainted with different musical instruments and to let them play together in a brass band?

The orchestra can play a significant role in this. For example, playing concerts at school or organising ‘Opening Night’. And also by making ourselves heard as brass players and meeting the new generation. People for whom classical music is not yet a part of their lives. That’s what matters now. This is more important than, for example, my desire to play a solo concert as a musician.