Fischer on Beethoven's Fifth

VIDEO - This week our honorary guest conductor Iván Fischer will breathe new life into Beethoven’s widely known Fifth Symphony as only he can. Listen to his commentary on the piece!
Iván Fischer (image: Akos Stiller)
Iván Fischer (image: Akos Stiller)

Iván Fischer has been a welcome guest conductor with the Concertgebouw Orchestra since 1987. In October 2020, the orchestra appointed him honorary guest conductor with effect from the 2021/22 season.

Fischer’s way of working, which is as unusual as it is committed, and the musicians’ enthusiasm and virtuosity always result in very special performances. You can watch the performance of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony recorded in May 2013. The conductor’s fascinating explanation takes you straight to Beethoven’s time.

11 May 2013, Concertgebouw Orchestra with Iván Fischer