Winner Prix de Salon 2021

The jury has reached its decision! The winner of Prix de Salon 2021 is Susanne Niesporek! This prize is awarded annually to a member of the Concertgebouw Orchestra with a creative musical plan. Watch this video to hear Susanne speak about her winning project.
Susanne Niesporek - image: Mladen Pikulic
Susanne Niesporek - image: Mladen Pikulic

Susanne is working on a book that will be filled with texts and visual arts from an array of different people, such as artists, scientists, healthcare and education professionals, and, of course, musicians. They reveal personal thoughts about music, life and death. ‘Memento mori’ and ‘carpe diem’ are its guiding themes.

Bach’s Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 will be the musical frame, symbolising the circle of life. Susanne will record it in a transcription for string trio with colleagues Saeko Oguma and Benedikt Enzler. All proceeds from the book will go to charity.

'For me the Goldberg-variations are a metaphore for the cycle of life, from birth to death. And then in a circle, because at the end the aria from the beginning will also return.'

- Susanne Niesporek

Jury report

From the jury report: “The jury is impressed by the advanced stage of Susanne’s concept and finds the combination of the book with music very inspiring. It is a very personal project that clearly means a lot to Susanne. It promises to be a beautiful book that will have great meaning for herself and others, and will also undoubtedly benefit her musical and personal development. Because it will contain contributions from many different points of view, from musicians to visual artists and scientists, this promises to be a wide-ranging and appealing book.”

More information?

Charlie dos Reis Borges Rodrigues would be happy to talk to you about De Salon. During her maternity leave, Charlie will be unavailable. During her absence, please contact Patty Nobrega at +31 6 11 67 57 88 or