Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam

Support RCO House

The RCO House clearly heralds the next chapter in our story. It will give this wonderful orchestra an even stronger foundation and empower it to mature in quality and scope.

The cost of the total project will be € 12.5m. The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra is investing € 2.5m of its own. We have initiated a large fundraising campaign and we are delighted with the support the RCO House has received. We are grateful that many existing and new donors and a number of institutional helped us realise our dream and have pledged € 10m.

If you are considering a plegde, we will be happy to discuss with you the many available ways to support the RCO House and the fiscally advantageous donation options.

Please contact Anne Christin Erbe or Barbara Ruding via or, or call us at 020 305 1010.

Help us build the RCO House

Your donation will make a vital contribution to the RCO House. All donations, big or small, are very welcome!

With your donation to the RCO House you will be helping us achieve the following goals:

The construction of ten soundproof rehearsal studios, a secure storage space for instruments, and a physiotherapy room.
A soundproof ensemble hall and a reception hall with library.
Restoration of the front and rear façades, the entrance hall, stairwells, and the stained glass windows above the RCO House stairway.
You can arrange an ordinary gift or periodic gift through donation agreement or notarial deed, all donations can be transferred to the account of:

the Stichting Donateurs Koninklijk Concertgebouworkest, account number: NL10ABNA0446758906
with mention of your name and 'RCO House'

Fiscally advantageous donations

Current fiscal legislation in the Netherlands allows for the full deduction of so-called periodic gifts (whereby you donate a fixed amount for a period of five years at least) from your taxable income tax.

Example calculations when periodic gifts are made of: € 5.000,- € 10.000,-
Over a period of five years you give annually: € 1.000,- € 2.000,-
With a 52% tariff the net payment you make annually is: € 480,- € 960,-
With a 40.8% tariff the net payment you make annually is: € 592,- € 1.884,-

These are only examples, the actual net payment you make for each gift depends on your individual situation. Consult your fiscal advisor to calculate the details of your payment.


The following privileges are given in return (for two people) in the case of a gift of:

Annual periodic gift of € 1,000 (x 5) or ordinary gift of € 5,000
  • Invitation to a reception near the date of the opening of the RCO House
  • Your name listed in the seasonal brochure and the annual report of the Stichting Donateurs (if desired)
  • Access to the RCO House with your personal “key”
Annual periodic gift of € 1,500 (x 5) or ordinary gift of € 7,500
  • All aforementioned privileges plus
  • Invitation to a special 'studio-tour' in the RCO House including meeting with several musicians in the studios
Annual periodic gift of € 2,000 (x 5) or ordinary gift of € 10,000
  • All aforementioned privileges plus
  • Invitation to an annual special occasion such as a private concert or a masterclass
  • Your name listed at the RCO House (if desired)
Annual periodic gift of € 5,000 (x 5) or ordinary gift of € 25,000
  • All aforementioned privileges plus
  • Invitation to attend a private rehearsal of the RCO
  • Invitation to participate in an exclusive donors trip in association with an orchestra tour (at your own expense)
Annual periodic gift of € 10,000 (x 5) or ordinary gift of € 50,000
  • All aforementioned privileges plus
  • Two tickets to the RCO Opening Night 2018
  • Two tickets for a concert outside of the Netherlands (destination to be decided in consultation)